CVN Kalari Ambalathukulangara




Most Respected Sri K.Narayanan Gurukkal who has dedicated his entire life for bringing up the glory of Kalaripayattu and propagated it all over the world and who was an expert in popularising and practising Kalripayattu and Kalari marma chikitsa. He lived in Nadakkavu Calicut during 1927 to 2000.

CVN Kalari Ambalathu kulangara

Situated in Ambalathukulangara in Chelannur Panchayath which is 12 Km away from Kozhikode city endowed with natural village beauty.

Lord Parama Siva is believed to have advised this art adimantra to lord Parasurama the warrior Sage who is believed to be the proponent of this art .
cvn Kalaripayattu is the traditional self defending martial art of Kerala.Suitable tantras for self defence and perfect ways for handling weapons of defence with utmost confidence in the event of a sudden onslaught ,different Thirummu treatments based on ancient Marma- Shastram, physical exercises ensuring perfect control of mind and whole body are all blended scientifically in this ancient martial art form of Kerala, Inda KALARIPAYATTU.
While practising cvn kalaripayattu there are chances to get minor or major injuries in marmas.All these injuries are well treated and cured in cvn kalari itself by this method.Two types of oil massages(hand massaging and leg massaging) using many types of medicinal oils ,kizhis ,bandages using kalari mdicines are included in this chikitsa
Pain in neck,backpain,shoulder,elbows,and knees ,minute fractures,muscle pain,bone fractures ,joint pains,rheumatic pains,etc can be cured well in kalari chikitsa.


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