CVN Kalari Ambalathukulangara

About US

    An ardent  disciple of Guru late Sri K Narayanan Gurukkal who had been associating closely with the Guru and practising different methods of kalari fighting ,kalari marmas and marma chikitsa continuously for the last 20 years since his age of 7 years.
    With the help of Guru he had successfully exhibited  Kalaripayattu in different stages through out the country .Bharatheeyam on 1-1-1989(National level programmes),NCC’s Prime Minister’s rally(29.01.1983),4th CISM Military world games at Hyderabad were a few worth reporting among them.
    With the approval of ‘Kerala Kalaripayyattu Association’ ,a body affiliated to Kerala sports council he had established a training centre for Kalaripayattu and named it as “CVN KALARI AMBALATHUKULANGARA”, at Pallipoyil Road AmbalathuKulangara in Chelannur Panchayath, a place endowed with natural beauty and serene atmosphere.Along with this as a social commitment he had started’ KALARIMARMACHIKITSALAYAM’  also.

    With in a short period ,the boy and girl students of this kalari decorate the No: 1, No: 2 and No: 3 positions in State level Kalaripayattu competitions of' Keralotsava 'and that of 'Kalaripayattu Association'.Further the students of this institution won 1st prize in the National level kalaripayattu championship (Various Items). Held at Trivandrum Central Stadium On July 2013. Besides Sri Shingemitsu Suzuku from Japan got his Kalari training from here and many important dignitaries from Canada and France visited the Kalari.

    Kalari training order
    1)Meythari (Meypayattu)- The beginning stage with rigorous body exercises ,involving leg stretching ,twists,jumps and turns.Kalaripayattu originates not in aggression but in disciplining of the self .Therefore the training begins with disciplining the physical body and attaining a mental balance.
    2)Kolthari.  In this payattu all weapons used  are made up of wood.
    3)Angathari.In this payattu all the weapons used are made up of iron.
    4)Verumkai prayogangal. Self defence with out using any weapon in the event of a sudden attack by an opponent with or without weapon.

    Kalari marma chikitsa
    While practising kalaripayattu there are chances to get minor or major injuries in marmas.All these injuries are well treated and cured in kalari itself by this method.Two types of oil massages(hand massaging and leg massaging) using many types of medicinal oils ,kizhis ,bandages using kalari mdicines are included in this chikitsa
    Pain in neck,backpain,shoulder,elbows,and knees  ,minute fractures,muscle pain,bone fractures ,joint pains,rheumatic  pains,etc can be cured well in kalari chikitsa.
    Uzhichil(hand massaging)-Continuous palm massaging after applying medicinal oil over the whole body.For those persons without any specific diseases uzhichil for 7,14 or 21 days will surely improve their  immunity  and defer ageing keeping their strong physique .Further this will keep away skin diseases and rheumatic complaints as uzhichil will improve blood circulation and rejuvenate  joints thereby mitigating  pain and local insensitivity.Muscular thinning and disablement can also be cured to a certain extent.
    Chavitti uzhichil –Here more pressure is used compared to hand massaging ensuring better  body flexibility ,strength and physical fitness.

1) Kalaripayattu training
2) Kalaripayattu stage presentation.
3) Kalripayattu seminars and workshop
4) Kalari marma chikitsa
5) Kalari massaging
    a) Hand massaging
    b) Leg massaging
6) Kalari marma chikitsa training
7) Kalari massaging training
8) Special Kalaripayattu classes meant for theatre artists ,sportspersons,martial artists,yoga practitioners etc.
9) Kalaripayattu related choreography for theatre ,dance and festivals.
10) Self defence course exclusively for ladies keeping in view of the threats of the modern world.
11) Indain astrology prediction
12) Exhibition and practising of kathakali. ottamthullal, mohiniyatam, bharathanatyam, Kuchupidi, kerala folk , and Indian folk will be arranged on request.

Short term courses
Short term courses designed and conducted with selected kalari items particularly for the benefit of foreign students,modelling practitioners, actors,yoga practitioners,sports atheletes,classical and modern dancers.

Kalaripayattu is the martial art of Kerala for Self defence.It is the total physical art suitably blending tantras for self defence ,skills in the usage of weapons,Thirummuchikitsa based on marma shastras,physical excercises for the total control of mind and body. Further Kalaripayattu helps for spiritual awakening and ensures the balalnce of mind on the principles of haddayoga. It comprises mainly 3 factors

1) It is a total physical excercise

2) All methods of self defence are ensured .

3) It is really enchanting and enjoyous to have a look at it performing .It is a visual fest.

Kalaripayattu practising starts mainly from 6th age. Even then,under the guidance of a guru it can start at any age.
Meyppayattu: Scientifically developed art and it helps to attain good physique and quick movements of upper and lower limbs.Meyppayattu consists of many techniques of escaping from the sudden attack of an enemy or enemies ,defending ourselves safely and at times attacking enemies if required, Physical exercises for flexibility of the body and techniques for the total control of the body . Meyppayattu is the beginning and most important step of Kalaripayattu practising.

Kettukari is a cane stick of approximately half an inch thick throughout and a length of normal man's height from his foot to forehead. Kettukaripayattu is the first step of Koltharimuras.This is very useful for the hands to be very strong and flexible .In this, blows are imparted by one and defended by another using the two extreme ends of the stick.
The length of cheruvadi is approximately 2 ¼ feet .One end of it is 1 ½ " thick and other end is 1 7/8 " thick. Both ends are rounded and neatly carved. Very fast movements ,steps and changing of positions are very peculiar to this.

This is made from a branch or a root of tamarind tree with natural curves in it and it will be of 18 fingers long.It is said that ottakkal payattu consists of 64 applications with the stick,64 chuvadus,64 applications in Kulamarmas(Vulnurable points in the body) and 64 tricks to overpower the opponent.All the attacks in ottakkal payattu are aimed at the vulnerable points of the opponent.
Gada is a weapon made out of wood with a globular head tapering round towards the handle with a bud like projection in the handle where it is held.It is well accepted rule that no blows will be imparted with gada below the waste of opponent. Angathari
kadtaram has a blade of approximately ¾ feet long with a slight curve sharp on both sides and pointed at the tip and a handle covering about half of the hand.Slashes and thrusts made with the kadtaram are defended with the kadharam itself and counter attacks also made with the same Kadtaram. Sword and Shield
Sword is the most important and royal weapon amongst the kalari weapons .In olden days swords were mainly used in wars and local feuds.In kalari practising, swords are ordinarily used in right hand and shield in the left hand.Kerala history is rich with brave kings and warriors who were, proficient in the usage of swords and shields and earned a name themselves.
Kuntha is made with a kuntha muna ,sharp ,pointed and made of iron fitted at the top of a long cane stick. Mara pidicha kuntha payattu- This is fighting with dissimilar weapons like defending the attack of Kuntham with sword and shield.This is practised in Mara pidicha kuntham payattu.
Kalari fencing
Attacking,counter attacking and defending the attack with sword itself is kalari fencing.
Kathiyum Thalayum
To counter the attack of the enemy with a knife ,a shawl of 6 feet length and 2 charns width is used to defend it and even to overpower the enemy and keep him under lock.
It is the double edged thin sword of a lenth almost equivalent of the height of the practitioner from his toe to the eyebrow and the blade could be rolled like a spring and worn as a belt at the hip.Urumi is used to attack an enemy by whirling speedily clockwise and anticlockwise .If the enemies are more than one at a given time ,the best suited weapon is urumi.
Verum kai murakal
Self defending and escaping unhurt in the event of an attack of an enemy,with or with out a weapon when there is no weapon in our hand and overpowering the enemy thereafter is termed as verumkai murakal.
Marmavidya is taught in the form of Guru's advice to very devoted ,disciplined ,egoless and mentally balanced students in the final stages of kalari training.
Kalari Marma Chikitsa
This is treating in the kalari itself of the bruises and injuries sustained in the marmas during kalari training . "THOSE STUDENTS WHO TAKE TRAINING SINCERELY AND WITH DEVOTION CAN BE EXPERT IN KALARI ART WITH IN SEVEN YEARS"
Kalari marma chikitsa
While practising kalaripayattu especially while attacking and counter attacking with or without weapons and while jumping or swift turning ,there are chances to get minor or major injuries in marmas.All these injuries are well treated and cured in Kalari itself by this method.
Kalari Massaging
Unique massaging of kalari will ensure mental concentration and body rejuvenation apart from effective treatment for many diseases.Further this will give the benefit of a good physical exercise.Kalari massaging is mainly of two types .Hand massaging and Leg massaging.
a)Hand Massaging
This is continuous massaging with palm after applying medicinal kalari oil through out the body.7,14 or 21 days in an year of this massaging is really good to increase the immunity to sickness if the person is not sick,to defer ageing and to keep the body fit with beautiful skin and organs. Further this will keep away skin diseases and rheumatic complaints as massaging will improve blood circulation and rejuvenate joints thereby mitigating pains and local insensitivity .Muscular thinning and disablement can also be cured to a certain extent.
b)Leg Maassaging
Here more pressure is applied when compared to hand massaging and this is done only to persons of strong build and good health.This will ensure better flexibility and physical fitness.This will be helpful to increase the strength and easy mobility for classical dancers and artists of Theyyam ,Kathakali,martial arts and athletics.
This is massaging with medicines bundled in a heated kizhi after applying oil over the entire body.This is best suited to cure minor cracks and bruises and vitalizing the nerves. Kalari Marma Chikitsa is the most beneficial and useful treatment making use of thailas ,kizhis and kettumedicines prepared as detailed in kalari Thaliyola Granthas and this is best suited for neck pain and back pain ,shoulder pain ,elbow pain,knee pain,cracks,muscle pain,bone fractures,joint pain,rheumatic pains etc.